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I get a lot of excessive discharge

I Get a Lot of Excessive Discharge

This is really embarrassing as I've never spoken to anyone about it. My question is why do I get so much discharge between my periods? I know it's normal to get discharge but I get so much that I have to wear a tampon not a panty liner because there is so much. I'm so embarrassed and self conscious about it and I don't know if it's normal or if any other girls get it as much as I do. It feels like I'm continuously on my period because if I don't wear a tampon I can feel the discharge coming out. Please help!

Discharge is normal and is there to keep you healthy. It prevents infection, lubricates and makes it easy for sperm to reach your uterus when you are trying to have a baby. The amount of discharge can vary quite a bit during the cycle - around the middle of your cycle when you are ovulating, there will be more and it can be quite watery. Generally wearing a liner and changing it a few times during the day should be enough to help you feeling dry and fresh. However, the amount you describe does sound excessive and could indicate an infection. See your GP to get some swabs and perhaps some treatment if an infection looks likely.