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Did you know that almost all women experience vaginal wetness and discharge every day? Yup, that's right, ladies! These are normal bodily responses.

However, we still live in a world wherein talking about the vagina and vaginal health is seen as shameful. Because of this, women may also find it uncomfortable to talk about vaginal health, even with our loved ones and doctors. That's why here at Carefree, we're breaking the stigma because we believe that there's #NoShameInTheVagina.


Ever felt discomfort in your vagina and did not know who to ask about it because you were too ashamed? Most women can relate!

We must acknowledge that openly talking about the vagina with our loved ones and doctors enable and empower us to learn more about how we can take good care of our vagina, so that we can be free from feeling trapped in a cycle of worry about the state of our vaginal health.

Be Carefree and join the #NoShameInTheVagina movement. Try the #NoShameInTheVagina Instagram Filter to learn more about vaginal health by clicking this link or following these steps:

  • Head on over to your Instagram app and open “Your Story”
  • Go to "Browse Effects" and search for “#NoShameInTheVagina”
  • Hold the record button to start using the filter
  • Statements on vaginal health will flash on the screen. Tilt your head side by side to answer if the statement is normal or not normal
  • Post your video on your social media pages, and challenge your friends to try the filter too! Don’t forget to tag us at

Are you up for the challenge? Let's be Carefree and break the stigma. Normalize conversations on vaginal health because there’s #NoShameInTheVagina."