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#DEALWITHTHATEW as in Everyday Wetness with Carefree!

It’s a reality that every woman, at one point in her life, will experience everyday wetness and odor down there. And yes, it’s not a choice but these are normal bodily responses!


What is Everyday Wetness?

Everyday Wetness can come in the form of wiwi leaks, discharge, pre-post menstruation and sweat.

  • Wiwi Leaks: Unexpected urine leakage can make you feel icky and uncomfortable.
  • Discharge: Vaginal discharge or moisture can make you feel stuffy and icky down there throughout the day.
  • Pre-post Menstruation: Those before- and after-period days (pahabol days) when there’s unexpected light period flow, light spotting, bleeding or staining can make you feel gross and conscious.
  • Sweat: Working out, hot and humid weather or simply just moving around can make you sweat like crazy down there, leaving you feeling gross.

We shouldn’t let our experience of wetness and odor down there hassle us daily. That’s why CAREFREE® is here to help you #DealWithThatEW and feel drier for longer down there!