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Liners 101

Learn the basics of using liners. Bonus: Some fun secrets for us girls, too!

How To Feel More Comfortable Down There
Sweating is a normal part of life. We get it. But sometimes, feeling sweaty can just make you feel really uncomfortable.
Are liners safe
Hey, it’s your body and you want to make the best decisions for it. We get that. To give you the best answers to all of your questions, we asked the experts.
Liners for discharge
We’ve all been there. A little panty discharge at the end of the day…that then becomes a discoloration you can’t seem to get out of your favorite panties.
Wearing Liners Every Day
Think about your morning routine. It covers all the feel-good, look-good bases, right? Adding daily liners to the mix keeps that just-stepped-out-of-the-shower feeling going even longer.
What are liners for?
Still think liners are the same as those bulky pads? They’re not the same thing. In fact, they are completely different.
What is Spotting and Will it Happen To Me?
Bleeding between your periods, or “spotting,” can occur for many reasons, often not serious. When you first start having your period, your menstrual cycle may be irregular for a few month or years...
What Is Vaginal Discharge?
The first thing to know about vaginal discharge is that every woman experiences it, and it really isn’t a big deal. In fact, it’s actually a good thing…
Unexpected monthly visits, icky vaginal discharge, and the hot and humid weather that makes you sweat like crazy down there, it’s all pretty annoying… and gross. We feel you, girl. Panties can’t totally save you from fem-kulob,andthat’s what pantyliners...
Slip daily panty liners into your routine for on-call, all-day freshness—no matter what day it is.