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Brown Discharge or First Period

Brown Discharge or First Period?

Is brown discharge my period?

Brown discharge or my first period?

Darker discharge

Little brown discharge

Yellowy vaginal discharge

Is there such thing as brown discharge? Is that normal? It's sticky and brown, and that's what I've been closest to having my period? Is that my period? Or not?

This could certainly be the start of your period. For the first year or so, periods can be irregular and light. Brown discharge is simply old blood. If it is watered down by your normal vaginal discharge or even by semen, it may look light brown. If you have a new partner, consider getting a STI (sexually transmitted infections) check.

Hey, I am just really confused. I am 13, I have never had my period. But last month for 3 days I had brown discharge, I thought it was nothing, and then 3 days later it just went back to normal. It happened again this month at a similar time. That got me wondering, If it was at the same time, for the same amount of time... It’s my period. But then I thought it could also be spotting, since whatever it was looked like old blood. Can you tell me whether or not it’s my period or just spotting?

That sounds like a period to me. Periods can start out very light and short like this. Some girls are very lucky and always have very light periods- it’s just individual variation. Perhaps have a chat to your doctor if you are worried.

Hi, I was just reading the discharge paragraphs and realised that my discharge is sort of a yellow/white sort of colour. Is that ok? Because one of my friends just went through her period + she keeps bragging about it. But she didn’t say her discharge was brown. :-S

It's probably ok - all girls are different. If you are concerned or if the discharge is lumpy or particularly smelly then see your doctor.

Hi, I’ve just found some brown dried discharge in my undies? I've never had my period before, and I'm turning 15 in June. I've had white discharge for 2 years. What is it or what does it mean?? Thanks

This brown discharge sounds like the start of your periods. Congratulations! Periods can be very light and appear dark in colour at the start. Keep track of the date to help you predict the next period.

I have been getting this yellowy mucus stuff from down below and I want to know how to treat it

This sounds like discharge. Discharge is normal and is there to keep you healthy. It prevents infection, lubricates and makes it easy for sperm to reach your uterus when you are trying to have a baby. It can vary in colour from clear to yellowy white and can go from thin and watery to thick and gooey. It should have a bit of a smell but should not smell bad.. If you have itching or stinging or your discharge is grey, green, frothy, smelly or thick, white and cheesy, see your doctor. If you have a lot of discharge, a breathable liner is a good way to stay feeling fresh.